Fully Trained Labradoodle Puppies

At Strong’s Doodle Ranch our puppies are extensively tested for temperament, coat quality and overall health.

What can you expect when you purchase a trained labradoodle?

Our puppies live in home with our trainers. Each puppy is trained using the same techniques as a Service Animal would. This is to ensure compliance in any situation.

Each command is taught as an implied stay. No food or treats are needed for compliance or performance and they will respond to all verbal commands listed below.

Advanced Puppy Training Program Includes:

  • House broken
  • Overnight crate trained for up to 8 hours *Please note there can be an adjustment period for your puppy as it gets accustomed to its new home.
  • Trained for car rides, up to two hours without accidents.
  • Heel (spinning into heel position & loose leash walking on left hand side)
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Recall
  • Place
  • Auto sit when heeling
  • Auto sit at entry / exit way
  • Crate (kennel command)
  • Everything is taught as an implied stay so no need for the word “stay”. Just repeat whatever command you’re using for the dog to hold that position.

*Puppies enrolled in our Advanced Puppy Training are ready to join their forever families at 12-14 weeks and will be hand delivered by one of our staff. We will teach you how to interact with your trained puppy to ensure a lifetime of obedience and stress-free affection. If additional support is needed at a later time we are always available to help you and your pup!

  • We health test for over 170+ of the most common diseases for canines.
  • We coat test to ensure your puppy is considered non-shedding.
  • Puppies reserved before 8 weeks of age will receive weekly updates on their puppy’s progress along with portraits and video until they reach 8 weeks old.
  • Your puppy will receive vet care along with de-wormer and vaccinations.
  • We offer a 2 year puppy warranty against genetic defect.
  • 30 Days of Pet Insurance coverage through Trupanion
  • All of our breeding dogs have to pass gold paw standards with the ALAA for genetics, eyes, and hips and elbows.
  • All of our puppies are socialized through adult handling, socialization with children and other dogs.
  • We will continue to provide support for both you and your puppy even after they go home.

COST: $14,900 plus NC sales tax if picked up or delivered within the state of North Carolina.


  • There is a $800 deposit required to reserve a puppy that will come home at 8 weeks of age, untrained.
  • There is a $4,000 deposit required to reserve puppies enrolled in our Advanced Training Program.
  • Deposits count toward the final cost of your puppy.
  • Payment plans available with a signed contract