How to Adopt:

The first step in adopting from Strong’s Doodle Ranch is to fill out our puppy application form. Once your application has been received and we have spoken over the phone, you are able to put down your deposit and sign our puppy agreement. After your deposit is received, you’ll be added to our reservation list.

  • Puppy selection is done in the order deposits are received in.
  • When puppies are born, a second payment is due.
  • Puppy selection is done at 5 weeks and your final payment is due at that time.


All of our puppies are held to the following standards:

  • Puppies reserved before 8 weeks of age will receive weekly updates on their puppy’s progress along with portraits and video until they reach 8 weeks old.
  • Your puppy will receive vet care along with de-wormer and vaccinations.
  • We offer a 2 year puppy warranty against genetic defect.
  • All of our breeding dogs have to pass gold paw standards with the ALAA for genetics, eyes, and hips and elbows.
  • All of our puppies are socialized through adult handling, socialization with children and other dogs.
  • We will continue to provide support for both you and your puppy even after they go home.

Adoption Fee:

Our total adoption fee is $4100. and is split up into three payments.
  • We require an $500 deposit to be added to our reservation list. The deposit amount is deducted from your final total.
  • After puppies are born, you will receive an invoice for $1800 or half of the remaining balance.
  • At 5 weeks of age your final payment of $1800 is due. This must be paid before puppy selection.