Meet Bear! He is a 9 month old, red, mini, Australian Labradoodle weighing 19-20 pounds and 17 inches at wither.

Bear has graduated from a 6 week, puppy Kindergarten program with our professional trainer. Bear is going home crate trained and house broken.

He is excellent with other dogs and great with kids. Bear is very attentive and aware of other people’s emotions. He has an empathetic nature! While in our home and in the homes of others, he has been quick to respond to those with stress and or anxiety by coming to lay on their chest as well as comfort people having coughing fits, crying etc. He will also place his paws on their lap or sit next to them to lick their tears and offer his presences as a means of emotional support. Bear is very smart and can catch onto new commands quickly. He loves his people more than anything and enjoys laying on the couch being close to whoever is willing to love him and give him attention. He is also content to sit at your feet while you work at your desk. He is going to do great with someone who has a real love for dogs and enjoys the companionship a dog offers. Once Bear becomes comfortable with new people, he LOVES to play and interact with others. We have grown to love Bear dearly and know that he is a very special boy. We look forward to meeting his new family!
Bear’s adoption fee is $4500 we are a 501(c)3
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