Hello and thanks for stopping by! We are the Strong’s. We are a family of 4 who reside in Charlotte North Carolina with our loving doodles. Our story began in October of 2017 with our youngest son. We had offered to house sit for our friends that live in the North Carolina mountains who also run a small hobby farm. They also happen to be the owners of the SWEETEST rescue dog, Maynard. Maynard is a gentle giant and loves to play fetch and hang on the front porch of their adorable little farmhouse. Seeing how in love our son was with Maynard we talked about maybe getting a dog for him. Fast forward 12 hours from the time this photo was taken while dog sitting and we were speeding to the emergency room with our sweet boy while he was struggling to breathe from an asthma attack. It wasn’t until we had blood testing done that we saw he was on the higher end for a person allergic to dog dander. We were crushed and heartbroken at the thought of never being able to adopt a rescue. We scoured the shelters for any animal that could possibly be hypo only to be met with, “we think that pup is xyz breed but we can’t be sure.” For our family, a hypoallergenic dog wasn’t just a want it was a need should we ever be able to have a dog as part of our family.

We eventually purchased a puppy who was non-shedding with an easy temperament and labeled as a hypo dog. Since welcoming our own puppy we realized how hard it is for kids who love animals but don’t really understand why their bodies don’t like some dogs. It quickly became our passion to search out breeds that would be wonderful family dogs and also hypoallergenic. We didn’t just want any old puppy from any old breeder. We put in a ton of time and work into researching our breeds, finding the best breeders nationwide and making sure that our dogs come from breeders who use ethical, high quality care and treatment of their animals. Along the way we have met so many families who, like us, are breeding their pups right in their home. We love being able to offer families puppies who are so well loved and cared for. We treat every puppy just like we do our own dogs and thanks to the fact they are hypo, our children are able to spend lots of time with the them snuggling. We hope that if you are like us and needing a non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog that you fall in love with our pups and know that you are getting a puppy who isn’t just well loved but also cared for in a personal and rewarding way.

While we cannot say some people will not have an allergic reaction to our pups, our breeds are what most people consider to be the best breeds for those that suffer from dog dander allergies but please note, there is no dog that is 100% dander/allergen free and some people may still have allergies to them. If you are uncertain how severe your allergy is, we can always send you a hair sample for you to have tested. We do not offer refunds on the basis of allergies. We look forward to serving you!